Employment Oppurtunity

The Diploma in Engineering graduates of this institute is in highly demand at home and abroad. There is none unemployed among the graduates. they are now being employed in various government, semi--governments, autonomous and private organizations and industries (i.e. Tableware/Ceramic House Wares/Sanitary warw/Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles/Ceramic Bricks & Tiles/Facing Tiles/Terracotta/Refrectories/Ceramic Insulator/Ceramic Auto Bricks/Ceramic Common Bricks/Glass/Cement/Enamel/Ceramic Materials or Machinerie and Equipments Suppliers etc). There are about 200 glass and ceramic industries in which the graduates of this institute are working. They have opportunity for vertical mobility in their positions. They can move up to the position of chief executive officer in the organizations they employed.