To create and maintain an environment within the institute which promotes congenial learning, collaborative and democratic decision making and promoting a sense of belongingness and accountability which bring out the best in our human resources.

To create a best learning environment within the institute for the students by ensuring interactive student centered teaching-learning process with the support and best use of learning resources.

To manifest inherent fine arts and cultural capability already in the minds of the students arranging regular co-curricular programmes on sports, literary and cultural activities.

To take necessary measures against socio-cultural, socio-economic

And educational problems of the students by proper guidance and counseling.

To organize TVET week and parents day, national and international seminar, symposium and conference on modern technology uses in the glass and ceramic sector and TVET in Bangladesh.

To develop collaborative links with local glass and ceramic industries for their planning & Development.

To committed to take part in any initiatives to solve problems regarding Technical Vocational Education System maintaining collaborative effort with MoE, DTE and BTEB.