There is a Provision of stipends to 65% of the enrolled students of the institute @ TK. 250/= per month (250*12=3000/=) per student with a lump sum grant of TK.300/= per year for purchasing book and instructional materials. The stipends of the students other than first semester are awarded on the basis of their result in the final examination of the preceding semesters. Merit, good conduct, satisfactory Progress and regular attendance in the corresponding semesters are considered as criteria for enlistment for award of stipend. 10% of the total number of stipends is reserved for female students. In Case of eligible female students are not being available, the stipends are awarded to male students. Students failing in any subjects in their final examination of the regarding semesters are not considered to award any stipends. Stipends of the first semester are on the basis of the board result.

There is another Provision of stipends for industrial attachment @ TK.2000/= per month (2000*6=12,000/=) per student with a lump sum grant of TK.1000/=